Business in India will be Easier with new 5 year Entry Visas for UAE Citizens

The Indian government plans to improve trade and investment links between India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by introducing five-year multiple entry business visas for UAE business people. Currently, business visas need to be applied for and granted for each individual trip, the five-year visa would mean that legitimate business people operating, investing in, or planning to invest in businesses in India would be free to travel back and forth multiple times in a five-year period. The visas will be available to business tourists from the UAE and other Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

The aim is to improve bilateral investment and trade between India and the UAE and GCC area. Currently, the stringent requirements to visit India make it sometimes difficult to obtain business visas. Although the new visa would be granted to eligible citizens with proven motives to operate and or invest in Indian companies they would not be granted if there were concerns about the size and legitimacy of the business. The Indian Embassy has stated the visas would not be granted to those involved in a petty trade or money laundering.

Navdeep Suri, the Indian Ambassador to the UAE explained the benefits of the new visas for those traveling to India on business. The new visas are in development and a new system would be put in place from April 2017.

Many are welcoming the new plans including T.P Sudheesh of Deira Travel and Tours who commented on the restrictions which UAE business tourists currently faced in India. In other countries, business travelers can apply for similar five-year business visas on arrival in their chosen country without such restrictions.

The expectation is that trade, business and tourism will benefit from the increase in entrepreneurs, investors and business owners to the region. That trade and business relationships between the countries would improve with the new freedom the visas would provide.