Global technology and outsourcing company

About the company

A global technology and outsourcing company with 1,400+ personnel all over the globe had a great deal of mobility needs in Middle East which until now a relocation company were in charge of. The administrative tasks involved were labour-intensive and almost all aspects of the mobility program was executed manually, including cost estimates, compensation and payroll instructions.  The client consulted IMC Mobility for providing guidance and expertise to transform the cumbersome mobility assignments of the personnel which would help the company in a significant way.

The challenge

The most urgent issue for the client was the dependence they had on the 3rd party vendor and a lack of in-house data. Moving to an automated system was the core aim of this project.

Because mobility affects the environment of the personnel and his/her family, improving the assignee experience and developing reliable service and delivery was a key challenge.

Also among the most serious challenge was to ensure compliance with multifaceted tax laws and labour regulations while being a cost-effective plan for the client in the various assignment countries

Our Solution

IMC mobility offers personalize plans and strategies that can help transform global employment programs in a tax compliant and cost-efficient manner.

IMC Mobility began with an internal assessment of the client’s policies and rolled out changes across service delivery, policy, technology and vendors based on our research on a broad array of data to address demographic dynamics, and political/regulatory risks

We set a team of dedicated account managers to take the client’s needs into account and formulate effective policies for the various situations:

  • Domestic short-term relocation
  • International long-term relocation
  • Domestic long-term relocation
  • International short-term relocation
  • Permanent relocation policy review
  • Cost Analysis and Budget Estimating

Our professionals leveraged the latest digital technology to move data management to cloud computing software bringing forth a truly mobile workforce service. The major functions of such a system included:

  • Streamlining the payroll process by introducing a global pay code
  • Providing an estimation of home and host compensation data per assignee
  • Updating and maintaining the client’s centralized assignee database
  • Detailing financial projections that depicted the opportunity cost, return on investment

Once the policy aspect was handled, we solved their immigration needs by providing extensive end-to-end services from identifying countries for the assignment, prescribing the category of business visa, submitting your application for business visa and being on top of the regulations to ensure a smooth legal process.

End Result

The immediate result was greatly a centralized model of data management and an understanding of the total cost and return on investment of a mobile workforce.

Managing business mobility is complex with a lot of legal requirement involving lengthy paperwork and handing this process to IMC Mobility left the client with more time to focus on the day to day functioning of the company.

The creation of a workflow for assignees optimized status updates, delivery structure, compensation knowledge and a portal for enquiry which helped put them at ease.