US based financial services

A US based financial services company had a team of employees on frequent business travel between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. They were working on a software design to be installed in their Saudi branch and the same team of IT professionals were frequently visiting Saudi in order to complete their project. The company felt it was too expensive and the mobility manager was pushed to look for other possible options since there was no specific international assignment policy in place on immigration and other implications of mobilizing employees frequently to another country.

How IMC Helped
• Identified areas of potential risk (i.e. regulatory, reputation, immigration, tax compliance)
• Designed policy provisions for different types of international assignments (frequent business travel, short term, long term, commuter, rotational)
• Assisted with communicating policy provisions to International Assignees
• Developed model for ensuring appropriate benefits coverage for employees on different types of international assignments (short term, long term, commuter or rotational)
• Evaluated whether mobility programs are meeting overall business objectives