Company Profile

Businesses always begin with the aim of solving human problems and as those problems began to change every other time period, the nature of businesses had to adapt or spiral to disintegration. Be it globalization where it is a challenge to forge ties across different cultures or the advancement of communication, which means problems need to be solved quicker than ever.

We believe that difficulties are good, despite the implication, because they are the necessary for driving change and discovering new ways of doing things. However skilled the organization, sometimes external help can shine a light on a new perspective and calibrate its experts to help others solve their problems.

Consulting has been our forte since 1979 and since we have established a strong force of professionals with a prime focus on the IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa region). We don’t call ourselves consultants or managers but partners, as we work to take your business to the next level and aim to be involved with your firm on a through and through; and advisors, as we will expand our capabilities and knowledge to see that your firm tackles its problems and rises above.

We have been at the forefront of business challenges majorly those of Global Mobility where we ease up organizational agility for truly globalized personnel for whom nation boundaries are not adherents to work; business setup solutions where local laws are navigated, off-shore incorporation, international tax structuring, advisory, fund formation and administration, accounting, trust services and also recruitment

How can we help you?

Contact us at the IMC Mobility office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.